These wares

Feel connected to the history of artisanal glass, expressed in a contemporary design by a local maker.

I am passionate about my craft, and sharing these wares for you to relish using everyday.


These effervescent multipurpose vessels can be enjoyed as...

a sculptural or decorative piece to inspire you at home or in your workspace,

a striking vase to complement some gorgeous blooms,

set sparkling with a floating candle,

or as a terrarium for your plant babies.


Let me tell you the story of how these pieces came about… 

I’m a visual artist, mesmerised by the material of molten glass. In the hotshop, I play with the possibilities and quirks of the medium, allowing the process to shape each unique form.

I love to retain the marks of making: the telltale imperfections and irregularities that reside in the skin of each vessel like a constellation of signs. These speak to the journey of the material from one form to another, dynamic to static. The flow, the movement, the shaping process a kind of responsive dance with the maker, the cooling, the stillness, the surprising strength, and also the possibility of rupture.

These qualities of glass have so much potential in art, but also on an intimate and domestic scale. Handling precious and precarious objects in our everyday lives brings value and meaning to the mundane tasks of our days, elevating them to ritual. These moments invoke our nobler human ethics of care, gentleness, hope, and they encourage us to slow down, pay attention and relish the joy found in small everyday moments... Sunlight refracting through glass like water, a small flame flickering, a vessel holding tokens of our lives.

My hope is that these forms I’m creating find their purpose in your hands and in your spaces. 

~ Emma